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We are revising VictimsofACCH.org to focus on our main mission - working to redress wrongs when and where we can and hold the Medical Industry accountable.  This continues to prove a difficult task.  Progress is slow and difficult, as the situations in which most of us find ourselves are not attractive to the slip-and-fall lawyers, "investigative journalists" who might investigate a corrupt business or politician if their masters permit, which is to say that the corrupt entity is not in a protected class or does not have the resources to intimidate any who seek to expose them, but have no more concern for an ordinary person who is not useful to them. 

So be it.  We have a number of cases that we believe can not be ignored once they are made public.  The "news" media and law enforcement who have not been doing their duty can explain themselves at that time. 

Our contact page is operational, and we have retained the databases from prior activity.  We have your contact information, and will update you on our progress. 

Thanks for your support and patience.  It is a lonely struggle, but we will persevere.