We understand the risks of being a 'whistleblower' in any business, and especially in political affairs. Nevertheless, some situations demand it when normal remedies fail

While the medical industry has become as corrupt as any other part of our society, we understand that not all, or even very many of the workers are to blame. Most of the culprits do not work in medicine at all - they are managers with no medical knowledge except that it is profitable. Some of us are medical workers who have had a family member or other loved one become a victim.

If you are a person of conscience who is inclined to nevertheless assume that risk, we will do everything in our power to ensure confidentiality. Our data is stored on secure servers under our control and we never transmit sensitive information (especially personal data) through email or other compromisable media. No information will ever be revealed without your consent.

If you are retired or otherwise immune to retaliation, we would be grateful for any knowledge you can contribute, whether as a doctor, nurse or other specialist.

You can contact us using the contact page. We read each communication to determine its purpose and respond accordingly.